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Recent commission

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 17:08
Published in Commissions and sales
Sections cut out ready to collage Sections cut out ready to collage

I’ve been working on a commission recently for a friend who bought ‘Messages II’ earlier in the year and has asked for another similar piece. When printing the Messages series I placed individually inked envelopes carefully on the bed of the press, followed by the feathers, followed by the damp printing paper. It was all too easy for one or two of the parts to become misaligned during this process, so I ended up with a fair few prints that were perfect except in one or two places where an envelope had been nudged out of line! For the new piece I decided to use the same approach as in ‘Messages IV’. I have taken the good parts of some of these prints, carefully cut them up and combined them in a collage. Finished work below.


Messages for Paulines friend jpeg edited Dec17 saved for web