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'Into the Wild' showcase at Mostyn, Llandudno

Saturday, 27 January 2018 17:36
Published in Exhibitions
Convolvulus Convolvulus

I have just delivered work to Mostyn, a lovely gallery in Llandudno, for the new showcase ‘Into the Wild’, which celebrates the great outdoors and the flora and fauna that inhabit the countryside. Hope these look wild enough! Two pieces with positive and negative impressions of feathers, called ‘Feathers Floating IV’ and ‘Feathers Floating V’, together with a couple of the monoprints made during last year’s Helfa Gelf, ‘Sweet Pea’ and ‘Convolvulus’. They are all beautifully framed in limed oak, particularly appropriate for the feather pieces I think.

The exhibition runs from 3rd February to 3rd June 2018. There will be a host of other work to see too: original prints, artworks and contemporary crafts.

Jan18 2 work for Mostyn saved for web