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30 Prints in 30 Days and Print Club

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 15:14
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      A few of the prints made in November. A few of the prints made in November.

Looking back at 30 Prints in 30 Days and looking forward to Print Club.

In November 2020, I undertook a challenge to make 30 different original prints in 30 days. In fact, as the nature of printmaking is to make multiples of each printing plate or stencil, I managed to produce 99 prints.

I was so thrilled with the amazing response to the project from those on my mailing list. All prints were for sale with 25% of proceeds going to charity; 46 prints were sold and I was delighted to be able to donate £777 to Cancer Research UK.

I was very pleased that other people enjoyed watching the project unfold. This response came from one person on the mailing list:

‘It felt like a little gift each day when I opened your email.’

The prints made can be viewed on the ‘30 Prints in 30 Days’ page in my website Gallery, and on my Instagram page @ruththomasart. A number of prints are still for sale.

At the end of November, I thought it would be great if the project could continue in some form, so came up with… Print Club!

Working at a slightly more relaxed pace than in November, I will make one new small edition or series of prints every month, to be sent out by email at the start of the following month.

The first print will be sent on 1st March.

With galleries closed for the time being, those on my mailing list will have a little piece of original art brought to their inbox.

I will explain the choice of subject and how the prints are made. During 30/30 a number of people said the explanation of how each print had been created added real interest to each piece of work. I’m aiming for variety of technique and subject, and a bit of brightness in these difficult times.

Every month, I will hold a draw for those on my mailing list and the winner will receive a free original print. If you would like to join my mailing list, please get in touch through the Contact page.

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